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For men and women who have more significant hair loss, our second phase of treatment includes new medical technology using Platelet Rich Plasma, (PRP)*. Platelet Rich Plasma is a process where a patient’s blood is drawn, separated and concentrated through a process called centrifugation, and re-injected into the scalp.
The PRP process concentrates useful cellular components of the blood and injects them into areas where the body can utilize the additional resources. The practice has been used for many years in wound healing and sport injury therapies, and now for hair loss.

                                                       Pre and Post PRP Treatment

At Forever U we have a program that fits your needs. At the initial phase of hair loss we assess and determine the most effective course of action which may include vitamin supplements, specialized shampoos, topical solutions, and prescription medication. Living cells need light to live, and our hairs are no different. At Forever U we offer LED Therapy (LEDT) and Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) so you can enjoy fuller thicker hair.
Our device has both!
Thirty -Six LEDs aperture powered by 4 LEDs, using technology developed by the government.
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)
Our Laser Treatment device features a wide beam 650nm cold laser transmitter. 
With this dual action technology your hair will be fuller and more vibrant than ever before!

*PRP for Hair is not yet FDA approved.